Boarding encourages, fusion of cultural, lingual and racial diversity. It helps in enhancing
the communication skills and develops a sense of national integrity. It provides protective and attentive environment like home and provides them space to grow. So this residential environment gives an assurance to the parents that you have made a right choice.

The world class learning facilities, the delicious and healthy multi cuisine meals, the sylvan surroundings, the cozy rooms and friendly staff will leave your child in no doubt about how much his or her happiness matters to you

At boarding school, a wonderful sense of connection between the students and faculty is remarkably apparent. A close-knit atmosphere, combined with the international flavour of students from different countries, makes the school a truly unique learning environment. Personal care and attention is provided to each and every boarder to create a home away from home.


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It can never be boring for a child who has so many interesting things to do. Our boarding offers many fun yet constructive activities for the children to occupy themselves with. For starters, we have the Weekly Clubs of like-minded children who share the same passion. Their activities include hiking, crafts, cooking, kite-flying and even something as imaginative as stilt-walking and hula hoop

The Residence Parents regularly organize activities for the children. Mango parties, chaat nights, candle light dinners and musical skating are loved not only for the entertainment but also as they allow the children to dress up in their finest. The bonfire nights are also extremely popular. .

The talent show is another event that the children always look forward to. They put a lot of effort into preparing, practicing and perfecting the skill they choose to present. This small platform gives them an insight into the much bigger stages they are likely to grace in the future.

At Apple I EM School boarding, you may stay away from home, but you are never far away from fun and celebration. India as a country is known for its many colorful festivals. We try to bring these festivities to our campus on every given occasion. This creates a home like atmosphere and does not let a child feel they have missed out on anything

Residential facilities at Apple I EM School:

  • The Hostels are designed as homes.
  • Each storey has its own comfortably furnished Common room with ample space for socializing. This is a great opportunity for inter- cultural, inter- religion, inter-state interaction.
  • Both common rooms and bedrooms can be personalized by posters and favorite items. The students create a Home away from home……
  • Each floor is supervised by an experienced residential house parent, providing emotional support to the children.
  • All students will be under the able supervision of tutors who has the responsibility for their personal welfare and academic progress.

Learning from the Residential campus:

Our residential programme is about the learning and growth that comes through constant interaction with a diverse and talented group of teachers and peers.

Mealtimes and other gatherings provide our residential students the opportunity for informal interaction as well as for discussions, meetings and study groups.

The focus of the residential experience is on students' intellectual, social, spiritual and physical growth in a structured and ethical environment. Many of the least tangible but most important elements of an education—the development of practical leadership skills, the capacity to make ethical judgments, the ability to navigate through complex cultural settings—are formed outside the classroom.

The safe and secure environment of the Academy's boarding facilities gives students of all backgrounds the opportunity to thrive emotionally, intellectually and physically.




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