Concepts & knowledge

  • Mathematics
  • Language and Literature
  • Social Science
  • Science and Technology
  • Current Affairs
  • Environment and Ecology




  • Language
  • Numerical,Logical
  • Thinking
  • Psycho Motor
  • Physical Education
  • Computer
  • Problem Solving/Study Skills

Attitudes and values


  • Self Awareness
  • Commnity Awareness
  • Ecological Awareness
  • Social/Interpersonal Awareness
  • Adulthood and Responsibility
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Life Skills
  • Sex Education
  • Spirtual Awareness




Self Expression and Creativity


  • Group Discussions
  • Debate
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Art and Craft
  • Elocution and Speech
  • Poetry
  • Written Self expression
  • Seminars
  • Projects

        The Apple I EM School builds student centered and enquiry based foundation laid by National Experts on Education.

         The curriculum content of the Nursery  to XII standard is entirely based on CBSE  along with the mix of traditional Indian excellence and and it is taught by modern methodology and activities such as Music, Dance, Drama and Creative Art.



Apple I EM School,
Door No:27-1-203/2, Srinagar,61st Ward of GVMC  Gajuwaka (PO), Visakhapatnam - 530026 (AP)

Phone Nos: 8121224477,  6281986411




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